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 Specialized in reducing the mid-section, building muscle, and increasing the stamina of middle-aged men.

Let’s get leaner, stronger & more fit by July 4th.

Your first step is to

Schedule a complimentary

20-minute zoom or phone consultation

with Rod directly. 

Imagine how great you will look and feel on the beach, or by the pool having completed the

4-week program on July 4th!

Greetings from Rod Ciardullo, your online fitness coach helping middle-aged men (just like you) shrink their waist and build muscle.

My 4-week program is designed to jumpstart your results without endless hours in the gym or unreal nutritional restrictions. We will use my five-step cutting edge system that works synergetically to maximize your results.

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A Client's Success Story

Barry A. 68 years old

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Rod has been my trainer for several years now. Due to the pandemic, fitness training has changed. My sessions with Rod are now done online from my home, using simple dumbbells and resistance bands. They are effective thanks to Rod's continued guidance and assistance via his fitness app, and our zoom calls.

I recommend him highly to you. He is a wonderful guy, and a great trainer, particularly if you are a guy like me, who is a bit past your prime but striving to regain muscle, burn off the belly, and improve your stamina. He brought me back to a fitness level from years past in a very intelligent and emphatic manner. I cannot recommend him and his program more highly than I am recommending him right now! 


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